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Japan — Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis (2011)

In many ways, Japan is still reeling from the devastating  earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 and the nuclear crisis and huge leaks of radiation it set off.

The earthquake and tsunami led to soul searching in a  nation already worn down by two lost decades of economic growth, a rapidly aging and now shrinking population, politicai paralysis and the rapid rise of its longtime rival, China.

The government will now focus on removing the  fuel stored at the site, opening up the ravaged reactors themselves and eventually dismantling the plant, a  process that is expected to take at least four decades, Mr. Noda said.

But for many of the people of Fukushima, the crisis is  far from over. More than 160,000 people remain displaced, and even as the government lifts evacuation orders for some communities, many are refusing to retum home.

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O excerto do artigo publicado no site do jornal  The New York Times, acerca da situação em que o Japão se encontrava em 2011, expõe o tema: 

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