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Hunger Games Review: Family Film Guide 

Parent Concerns: There is definitely violence in this film. The centralHunger Games may not be as bloody and brutal as author Suzanne Collins describes in the novel, but there's a visceral reaction to seeing the kid-on-kid violence rather than conjuring it in your own imagination. The tributes kill each other in a host of ways, from spear, knife and arrow wounds to hand-to-hand battles that leave teens with their heads smashed in or necks snapped. The editing is quick and the shots never Iinger on anything overly graphic, but there is blood and twenty-two adolescents, aged 12-18, die in the annual blood sport pageant. lmmature teens, even if they've read the books, may not be ready to handle to the film just yet. A good rule of thumb: if they're not old enough to be reaped into the Hunger Games, they're probably not mature enough to see it.

ANGULO-CHEN, S. Disponível em: http://news.moviefone.com. Acesso em: 28 jun. 2012.

Produções literárias e cinematográficas estão, muitas vezes, articuladas. No caso do filmeHunger Games, a autora da resenha chama a atenção para a questão da violência, que é mais

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