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ENEM 2018

Lava Mae: Creating Showers on Wheels for the Homeless

San Francisco, according to recent city numbers, has 4,300 people living on the streets. Among the many problems the homeless face is little or no access to showers.  San Francisco only has about 16 to 20 shower stalls to accommodate them. But Doniece Sandoval has made it her mission to change that. The 51 -year-old former marketing executive started Lava Mae, a sort of showers on wheels, a new
project that aims to turn decommissioned city buses into shower stations for the homeless. Each bus will have two shower stations and Sandoval expects that they’ll be able to provide 2,000 showers a week.

ANDREANO, C. Disponível em: http://abcnews.go. Acesso em: 26 jun, 2018 (adaptado)


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