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FATEC 2004


FORGET HIDING IN THE basement. Brits worried about their safety can now purchase a completely bombproof house, made by the steel manufacturer Corus. The Surefast shelter, launched earlier this month, is constructed out of steel panels that are slotted together and filled with concrete. But don't expect to just throw it together at the last minute: it takes several people 10 hours - and the help of a heavy crane - to assemble the two-story, 50,000 pounds structure. In tests the shelter has successfully withstood everything from car bombs to blowtorches. Still, it offers no protection from biological or chemical weapons. For clean air, inhabitants had best outfit their bombproof homes with the Dominick Hunter Group's regenerative NBC filtration system. (The British Army is now installing it in its tanks.) Breathable air doesn't come cheap, either: a filter to support 10 people starts at 50,000 pounds.
Newsweek, April 14, 2003.

Assinale a alternativa que apresenta o uso correto do presente contínuo como em "The British Army is now installing it in its tanks.".

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