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FATEC 2011




ASIA IN THE CATEGORY of the world’s sexiest politicians, China’s dour communist apparatchiks1 would seem to be far behind America’s legendary ladies’ men presidents and Europe’s bunga-bunga leaders. But a survey released in December by the All-China Women’s Federation found that a Middle Kingdom mandarin is the top pick for an ideal partner among Chinese women.


There’s also the growing reputation of Chinese government officials as a particularly virile lot. China’s state-owned press often titillates readers with tales of bureaucratic sex scandals: in one major story last year, a provincial tobacco-bureau chief’s diary was leaked online, with page after page of prurient details about his trysts2 with young beauties (including fellow government employees). The public’s reaction as generally sympathetic to the cad. One prominent blogger maintained the bureau chief was a good official because he managed to spend some time with his wife despite the womanizing, took less than $10,000 in bribes, and didn’t visit prostitutes. In other words, a real catch. In a survey on the blogger’s site, almost all the more than 100,000 respondents thought the official should keep his job. That’s sex appeal – and popular appeal.


apparatchiks1: burocratas do partido comunista chinês
trysts2: encontros secretos



No último parágrafo do texto, a preposição  despite empregada em −  despite the womanizing − pode ser substituída por

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