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FGV-SP 2011

A line of Bibles leading out of the door of the Friends of Israel Biblical Baptist Tabernacle means the afternoon service is about to start. The church has been extended three times in ten years to seat over 10,000 people, but it is still so busy that the faithful use Bibles to hold their spots in the queue. Weekly attendance is now 80,000, which its officials say is
the most in El Salvador.


Proximity to America has spurred the churches’ growth. “Everything we know comes from the United States,” says Edgar López Bertrand Jr, who runs Friends of Israel with his father. Media skill is one useful import: his church broadcasts on television and radio, and sells DVDS alongside religious books. (...)

The Economist February 5th -11th 2011

In paragraph 5, the phrase “Media skill is one useful import…” most likely means the same as which of the following?

Escolha uma das alternativas.