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FGV-SP 2012

by Alex Perry

1         The woman had been trapped in her office for three days as fighting rocked the streets below and armed gangs roamed. Alexandra had survived on a package of cookies and two cans of soda. Finally, frantic that a promised rescue by a U.N. convoy did not materialize, she ran out of her building and into the dangerous streets, dashing two blocks to a nearby hotel. "This place is paradise," she said to the staff, who took her in and provided her with water and some food, even though they were running low. "This place is paradise." 
2         On March 31, millions in the chic, sultry West African city of Abidjan, the center of power in lvory Coast, abandoned their wine bars, high-rise offices and four-lane highways. They barricaded their apartments and watched, terrified, as the battle for their nation swept into town. 
Time – April 18, 2011


Which of the following best describes what happened to Alexandra, the woman mentioned in paragraph 1? 


Escolha uma das alternativas.