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G1 - EPCAR 2016


Bullying among children and teenagers is not something new but it is getting more and more common by modern methods of communication.
Cyberbullying happens when an adolescent is put in danger by another child or teenager by photos or text messages sent to cell phones or posted on social networks. Sometimes cyberbullies send mails with sexual comments or take passwords of other teenagers and log on to websites with false identities. Children also play Internet games and make fun of each other in many ways.
A study by a Canadian University shows that 1half of the young people interviewed said that they suffer bullying. 2One of the reasons is the great use of cell phones over the past years. Today’s children are connected with each other electronically. They call friends every time they want or communicate with them on Facebook.
3Cyberbullying is getting extremely popular because teens can stay anonymous. 4Many adolescents act this way because they feel frustrated or angry and want to punish somebody for something that happened to them. 5At other times they do it just for fun or because have nothing else to do. 6Parents usually don’t know their child is a cyberbully. 7They perceive it just when the victim or the victim’s parents contact them.
This kind of bullying is not as inoffensive as many people think. In some cases it can lead to suicide. 8Many countries have organized campaigns to inform adults and children of its dangers.
9There are a few ways to prevent cyberbullying. First, it is important to show children that they have to respect others and they are responsible for what they do. For victims it is important not to play the bully’s game or answer their emails and text messages. It is also important to get help from parents and teachers.
Often schools get involved. 10They bring together the parents of victims and cyberbullies and talk with them. Cyberbullying does not always end at school. Often, parents go to the police and accuse the bullies.

(Adapted from http://www.english-online.at/society/ cyberbullying/cyberbullying-on-the-rise.htm)

“Cyberbullying is getting extremely popular because teens can stay anonymous” (reference 3). The underlined verb expresses

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