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IFBA 2016

Read the text that follows and answer the question according to it.

EU farmers protest

The warning from farmers is that Europe 1is drowning in milk. Plummeting milk prices 2have led farmers to protest on the streets of Brussels. Police said that  farmers and close to tractors were at the 3demonstration. And the scenes seemed to 4have made a difference. EU Agricultural ministers announced a 500 million euro aid package focused on helping milk producers.

Russia is one of the EU’s main agricultural export markets worth some  billion 5annually. The Russian ban on imports of EU food products and the deregulation of the market hit dairy farmers this year. Changing dietary habits and slowing demand from China have also affected prices for dairy products. The environment secretary Liz Truss planned to call for the creation of a dairy future’s market, similar to those for grain and 6sugar, 7which the government says will give the UK’s dairy farmers more certainty over future prices. Some 8farmers have called for milk production quotas to be reintroduced to avoid 9them having to sell at a loss.

Available at: http://www.newsinlevels.com. Accessed on Sept. 15th, 2015. Adapted.


Read the sentences I, II, III and IV. Then, check the correct answer according to the Text.


I. “is drowning” (ref. 1) is a future action.

II. “have led” (ref. 2) and “have made” (ref. 4) are both actions happening in the present.

III. “demonstration” (ref. 3) and “annually” (ref. 5) are words formed with prefixes.

IV. “which” (ref. 7) refers to “sugar” (ref. 6) and “them” (ref. 9) refers to “farmers” (ref. 8).

Escolha uma das alternativas.