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  1. 1. UFSM 2004
    Europe is born In spring 1950 Europe was on the edge of the abyss. With the onset of the Cold War, the threat of conflict between its eastern and western halves loomed over the continent. Five years after the end of World War Two, the old enemies were still 11a long way from 2reconciliation. What could be done to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and to create the right conditions for a 1lasting peace between such recent enemies? The nub of the problem was the relationship between France and Germany. 10A link had to be forged between the two and all the 5free countries in Europe had to be 3united around them so that they could work together on building a community with 9a shared destiny. It was Jean Monnet, with his unique wealth of experience as a negotiator and man of peace, who 4suggested to the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, and the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, that 8a community of interest be established between their countries, in the shape of a jointly managed market in coal and steel under the control of an independent authority. The proposal was officially tabled by France on 9 May 1950, and was warmly received by Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The treaty establishing the first European Community. the European Coal and Steel Community or ECSC, was eventually signed in April 1951, opening up the door to 12a Europe of 6practical achievements. Further achievements were to follow until we finally reached the European Union as it is today, 7a Union now opening up to the eastern half of the continent from which it has too long been separated. http://europa.eu.int/abc/obj/chrono/40years/7days/en.htm 06/06/03 No fragmento "a Union" (ref. 7), há uma eufonia. O mesmo processo ocorre em
  2. 2. PUCCAMP 1996
    Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente a lacunas da frase apresentada. Fred: I've been thinking of buying............. . Sam: Really? Which make are you considering? Fred: That doesn't matter as long as ........... is economical.
  3. 3. UFPB 1998
    Read this sentence:  "_________ good idea is _________ good idea, whether it's done in ________ one, ________ three or 33 countries." It is completed by the following sequence:
  4. 4. UNESP 1991
    Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas da frase a seguir: It was......honor for us to see......Queen of......England.
  5. 5. FATEC 1998
    M E X I C O WHERE WAS GUTIÉRREZ? IF YOU BELIEVE THE LETTER HE SENT the Universal newspaper, Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios, Mexico's most knowledgeable intelligence expert, was "outside Mexico enjoying vacation." If you believe rumors that started circulating when he dropped out of public sight two weeks ago, he is one of the country's highest-ranking politicians ever kidnapped. That version goes like this: Gutiérrez was driving in the capital after lunch when two cars cut him off and eight heavily armed men whisked him away. By Friday Gutiérrez was reportedly back safe at home, but he had still not been seen in public, and his family remained mum. It is common for families in Mexico to avoid publicity in kidnapping cases and simply pay whatever ransom is demanded. Police are notoriously inept at rescue attempts. As in Colombia and Brazil, kidnapping has become rampant in Mexico, with hundreds of cases a year, an American businessman help for eight days was released just last week after his family paid an undisclosed ransom. However, the abduction of Gutiérrez would be a new twist. It seems likely that he would be targeted not for his wealth but for what knows. For four decades he worked in Mexican intelligence, rising as high as minister of governing, the cabinet post in charge of internal security, under former president Carlos Salinas. In other words, he knew state secrets, the sort of information that would be of use to drug lords, politicians and guerrillas. Editorials are already referring to him as a "political kidnapee." NEWSWEEK, DECEMBER 29, 1997 Indique a alternativa em que a tradução de "a" ou "an" difere do seu significado habitual de artigo indefinido (um, uma) em língua portuguesa.
  6. 6. PUCPR 2001
    In which of the sentences we MUSTN'T use the article THE to complete the blanks?
  7. 7. PUCPR 1996
    Fill in the blanks with the definite article: ______ Brazil is ______ most industrial country in ______ South America, while ______ United States holds ______ same position in ______ North America. Choose the correct alternative:
  8. 8. UNIFOR 2014
    Leia as sentenças abaixo e marque a opção correta de acordo com o uso dos artigos definido e indefinido: I. Can you play a guitar? II. I once played the guitar which had only five strings. III. She started learning the piano at the age of five. IV. I’ve always had a flute, ever since I was a child. V. I’m afraid the violin is an instrument I never mastered.  
  9. 9. UFRGS 2014
    “Fan” is ........ abbreviated form of “fanatic”, which has ........ roots in ........ Latin word “fanaticus”, which simply meant “belonging to the temple, a devotee”. But these words quickly assumed negative connotations, to the point of becoming references to excessive religious belief and to any mistaken enthusiasm.   Based on such connotations, news reports frequently characterize fans as psychopaths ........ frustrated fantasies of intimate relationships with stars or unsatisfied desires to achieve stardom take violent and antisocial forms. Whether viewed as a religious fanatic, a psychopathic killer, a neurotic fantasist, or a lust-crazed groupie, the fan remains a “fanatic” with interests alien to the realm of “normal” cultural experience and a mentality dangerously out of touch with reality.   To understand the logic behind this discursive construction of fans, we must reconsider what we mean by taste. Concepts of “good taste,” appropriate conduct, or aesthetic merit are not natural or universal; rather, they are rooted in social experience and reflect particular class interests. Taste becomes one of the important means by which social distinctions are maintained and class identities are forged. Those who “naturally” possess appropriate tastes “deserve” a privileged position, while the tastes of others are seen as underdeveloped. Taste distinctions determine desirable and undesirable ways of relating to cultural objects, strategies of interpretation and styles of consumption.   The stereotypical conception of the fan reflects anxieties about the violation of dominant cultural hierarchies. The fans’ transgression of bourgeois taste disrupt dominant cultural hierarchies, insuring that their preferences be seen as abnormal and threatening by those who have an interest in the maintenance of these standards (even by those who may share similar tastes but express them in different ways). Adapted from: JENKINS, Henry. Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture. New York / London: Routledge, 1992. p. 12-16.     Select the alternative which correctly fills in the gaps in the first paragraph, in the order they appear.
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