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  1. 1. Stoodi
    I ____ stay home tonight – I have already ordered a pizza and bought some DVDs.
  2. 2. Stoodi
    Where is Susan going?
  3. 3. Stoodi
    Look at the sky! It ____ rain in a few minutes.
  4. 4. Stoodi
    Daniel: Next Friday at this time I ____ on a beach, having a delicious drink. Mike: Good to know! While you are having fun on the beach, I ____ out over lots of projects at work! Daniel: Don’t worry, I ____ a postcard to cheer you up.
  5. 5. Stoodi
    This time tomorrow I ____ to the beach.
  6. 6. Stoodi
    Louis: Why do we have so many dirty glasses if our family is not that big? Who ____ all that? Nancy: Ok, ok. I ____ it when I get home. When you get home from work tonight, everything ____! Obs.: SPARKLE = BRILHAR
  7. 7. Stoodi
    By the time our guests arrive, I ____ everything.
  8. 8. Stoodi
    Jack: Where is Sharon going to meet us? Mike: She ____ for us when we get there. I believe she ____coffee when we ring the bell. You know she drinks coffee all the time! Jack: Right. And then? Mike: We ____ Sheila at work and go to the movies.
  9. 9. Stoodi
    By the year 2020, the population of São Paulo ____ substantially.
  10. 10. Stoodi
    If you need anything, don’t worry – I ____ help you.
  11. 11. Stoodi
    I feel awful – I ____ get sick.
  12. 12. UNESP 2013
    Leia a tira para responder à questão a seguir. O trecho do segundo quadrinho – I’m going to – introduz uma
  13. 13. Stoodi
    Tea or coffee?
  14. 14. Stoodi
    I ____ for the next week.
  15. 15. ITA 2002
    American News POLITICS (...) Less than a month after being thrust into the role of Senate Majority Leader, Daschle has brushed past the objections of President Bush... FLASH POINTS IN THE SENATE 1 Democrats hope to capitalize on public disenchantment with the Bush energy plan by introducing one with greater emphasis on conservation, energy efficiency, and tax credits to promote green technology. 2 Senate Dems will try to force Bush to accept a broader, more expensive package of prescription benefits for seniors. Showdown issue: who shall run the program - the Medicare system or states and private insures? 3 Daschle and Bush are both free-traders, however, a fast-track bill without provisions to protect the environment or international labor standards - like one backed by House Republicans - will face trouble. 4 The Bushies and Senate Democrats have reached an uneasy truce in the war over federal judgeships. But expect a fight if Daschle concludes that the White House is trying to pack the judiciary with conservative activists. Business Week (adapted) July 16, 2001.   Qual das expressões a seguir, extraídas do texto, NÃO indica expectativa/ação futura?
  16. 16. Stoodi
    “The phone is ringing” “Ok, I ____ answer it.”
  17. 17. Stoodi
    I forgot to pay the electricity bill! I ____ pay it right now!
  18. 18. Stoodi
    I ____ to my daughter about this report card. What horrible grades!
  19. 19. Stoodi
    By the time my brother is 50 years old, he ____ all his hair, just like our father.
  20. 20. Stoodi
    Don’t worry about me. I ____ by the time you arrive.
  21. 21. Stoodi
    European governments have decided they ____ with the immigration problem soon.
  22. 22. Stoodi
    Climate changes indicate that more natural disasters ____ in the near future.
  23. 23. Stoodi
    I’m really exhausted tonight. I don't know how I ____ tomorrow.
  24. 24. UNITAU 1995
    Assinale a alternativa na qual se incluem a forma do futuro simples e a forma do presente perfeito contínuo da sentença a seguir: Two teams of 11 players attempt to guide an inflated ball into goal cages.
  25. 25. FUVEST 1978
    Assinale a alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas: I         you as soon as my work        .
  26. 26. UEL 1998
    Assinale a letra correspondente à alternativa que preenche corretamente as lacunas do texto apresentado. Imagine travelling directly    ( I )    London and Paris with no connections to run for, no buses to board, no taxis to hail. In fact, the only thing you    ( II )    to change is the tongue you speak upon arrival. That's exactly what you    ( III )    experience aboard the high speed Eurostar passenger train. A lacuna (III) do texto é corretamente preenchida pela alternativa:
  27. 27. UNESP 1995
    Assinale a alternativa que preenche a lacuna da frase a seguir corretamente: He will ________ almost everything you ask him.
  28. 28. UNESP 1993
    Assinale a alternativa correta. I expect that she __________ arrive at about midnight.
  29. 29. PUC-MG 2005
    While global warming is being ignored by the political arm of the Bush administration, the citizens of Europe and the Pentagon are taking a new look at the greatest danger such climate change could produce for the northern hemisphere – a sudden change into a new ice age. What they're finding is not at all comforting: if enough cold, fresh water coming from the melting polar ice caps and glaciers of Greenland and flowing into the northern Atlantic will shut down the Gulf Stream, which keeps Europe and northeastern North America warm. The worst case scenario would be a return of the last ice age in 2 to 3 years and the mid case scenario would be a period like the "little ice age" of a few centuries ago that disrupted worldwide weather patterns leading to extremely cold winters, desertification, crop failures and wars. The warmth is the result of ocean currents that bring warm surface water up from the equator into northern regions that would otherwise be so cold that even in summer they'd be covered with ice. The current of greatest concern is called "The Great Conveyor Belt," which includes the Gulf Stream. It is driven by the greater force created by differences in water temperatures and salinity, as the North Atlantic Ocean is saltier and colder than the Pacific. If it stopped flowing today, the result would be sudden and dramatic. Winter would start in the eastern half of North America and all of Europe and Siberia, and never go away. Within three years, those regions would become uninhabitable and nearly two billion humans  would starve, freeze to death, or have to relocate. And when might that happen? Nobody knows – the action of the Great Conveyor Belt in defining ice ages was discovered only in the last decade. Preliminary computer models and scientists suggest the change could happen as early as next year, or it may be generations from now. It may be starting right now, producing the extremes of weather we've seen in the past few years. What's almost certain is that if nothing is done about global warming, it will happen sooner rather than later. SPEAK UP, ed. 206, jul. 2004 (adapted).   The word "will" conveys the idea of
  30. 30. EPCAR 2011
    When football _____ professional in South Africa in 1959, 12 clubs broke from the amateur ranks. However, in the strict days of Apartheid, these pioneers _____ whites-only organizations and _____ today, all but a few, defunct. One of the survivors is Arcadia from Tshwane/Pretoria, an outfit that today competes in the amateur ranks and concentrates on junior football.   Mark the alternative which completes the gaps from the text correctly.
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