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  1. 1

    UNIOESTE 2012

    TEXTO PARA A PRÓXIMA QUESTÃO: Brazil police occupy Rio favela in World Cup operation Brazilian security forces have occupied one of Rio de Janeiro's biggest slums as part of a major crackdown ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Some 800 police and special forces moved into the Mangueira shantytown, without needing to fire a shot, having announced the raid in advance. The slum – or favela – is close to Rio's famous Maracana stadium, where the World Cup final will be played. The pre-dawn operation involved armoured vehicles and helicopters. According to the newspaper, O Globo, leaflets were thrown out of the helicopters, some with photos of wanted criminals. Others were printed with the police special forces' telephone number so that residents could pass on information about drugs traffickers or weapons. BBC Brazil correspondent Paulo Cabral says most of Mangueira's residents co-operated with the operation, as they want to rid the area of drug dealers. He says that Rio's authorities are making an effort to gain the trust of those living in the slums, who – after decades of abuse – have got used to seeing the police as their enemy. Mangueira – home to one of Rio's most famous samba schools – is the 18th favela that the authorities have occupied recently. Adapted from: Mark the noun that does NOT have the same plural form as in residents:

  2. 2

    MACKENZIE 2003

    Which alternative shows the correct plural form of the words given?

  3. 3

    UFRGS 2015

    TEXTO PARA A PRÓXIMA QUESTÃO:             The study of game 13aesthetics is a very recent practice, spanning less than two 7decades. Unlike game studies in 4mathematics or the social sciences, 1_________ are much older, games became subject to humanistic study only after computer and video games became popular. This lack of persistent interest might seem 15odd, but only if we see traditional games and computer games as intrinsically similar, 2_________ 19they are not. We might try to explain this lack by noting that games are usually seen as trivial and 16lowbrow by the aesthetic and theoretical elites 3__________ cultivate the 5analysis of artistic 14media objects: literature, the visual arts, theatre, music, etc. But this does not explain the fact that aesthetic studies of games are now not only possible, but even encouraged and supported with funding. What happened to cause this change?             A possible explanation could be that digital games, unlike traditional games or sports, consist of non-ephemeral content (stored words, sounds and images), which 8places them much closer to the ideal object of the 9Humanities, the work of art. Thus, they become visible and textualizable for 29the aesthetic observer, in a way the 6previous 10phenomena were not.             However, 21this sudden visibility, probably also caused by the tremendous economic and cultural 12success of computer games, produces 26certain blind spots in the aesthetic observer, especially if 18he/she is trained in textual/visual analysis, as is usually the case. Instead of treating 22the new phenomena carefully, and as 24objects of 30a study for which no methodology yet exists, they are analyzed with tools that happen to be at hand, such as 27film or narrative theories. Therefore 28we need to outline and promote 23a methodology for 25the aesthetic study of games, 20which, 31given the current 17nascent state of the field, 32will doubtlessly give way to more sophisticated 11approaches in the years to come. Adapted from: Aarseth, Espen. Playing Research: Methodological approaches to game analysis. Available at: . Accessed on July 26th, 2014. Select the alternative which presents only nouns in their plural forms.

  4. 4


    TEXTO PARA A PRÓXIMA QUESTÃO:             One of the major effects of eating too much sugar is a high incidence of tooth decay. When we eat something with sugar in it, particularly refined sugar, enzymes in the saliva in the mouth begin to work immediately to change that sugar into a type of carbohydrate. 1As one eats, particles of the sugary food get stuck between the teeth and around the gums. As the food changes its chemical composition, the resultant carbohydrate produces bacteria that begin to eat away at the enamel on the outside of our teeth. This is 2actually the decaying of the tooth. 3Now, if this process happens each time we eat sugar, we can see that eating excessive amounts of sugar causes more and more tooth decay. It is true that some tooth decay can be avoided with immediate brushing after eating, removing all the particles of food trapped in the teeth. 4However, sweets are often eaten as snacks between meals and during the day, times when people generally do not brush after eating. 5Therefore, the dangerous process of tooth decay is allowed to continue. (Smalley, R. L. and Hank, M.R., REFINING COMPOSITION SKILLS. 1982, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., p.255.) The word that DOESN'T have an irregular plural form like "tooth - teeth" is...

  5. 5


    TEXTO PARA A PRÓXIMA QUESTÃO: One important field in which the laser has many applications is communications. Scientists have found that the laser beam can transmit human voices; as a result, telephone companies are now using 1laser light signals to transmit telephone calls through extremely small cabinets which are capable of 2carrying many more transmissions than the standard telephone cables. An additional advantage is that these systems using the laser light signals will also be able to transmit video telephone conversations in the future. Probably the most vital application of the laser is in the field of medicine. Lasers have been devised that cut 3razor-sharp; in fact, scientists have developed a laser knife which doctors can use for surgery. These 4knives are now used for some general surgery because they cut sharply and because the beam seals off the blood vessels that it cuts, thus reducing blood loss considerably. A less significant but perhaps more curious use of the laser in medicine is to remove tattoos. Whereas before tattoos were virtually impossible to remove without considerable difficulty and pain, now they can be removed relatively painlessly. (Adapted from Michael Wenyon, Understanding Holography. New York: Arco Publishing Company, Inc, 1978)  KNIVES (ref. 4) is the plural of KNIFE. Which of the words below DOES NOT form its plural in the same way?

  6. 6


     The word that DOESN’T have an irregular plural form like “tooth - teeth” is…

  7. 7

    FATEC 1998

     Indique a alternativa em que todas as palavras têm a mesma forma de plural de “KIDS”:  

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