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  1. 1. Stoodi
    Complete as lacunas: _____ car is broken. Can I use ____?
  2. 2. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: Don’t touch it! It’s _____!
  3. 3. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: Jane doesn’t go out at night. ____ father doesn’t allow that.
  4. 4. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: Were ____ new boots very expensive?
  5. 5. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: I know I have seen those men before, but I can’t remember ____ names!
  6. 6. CESGRANRIO 1991
        One of the major effects of eating too much sugar is a high incidence of tooth decay. When we eat something with sugar in it, particularly refined sugar, enzymes in the saliva in the mouth begin to work immediately to change that sugar into a type of carbohydrate. 1As one eats, particles of the sugary food get stuck between the teeth and around the gums. As the food changes its chemical composition, the resultant carbohydrate produces bacteria that begin to eat away at the enamel on the outside of our teeth. This is 2actually the decaying of the tooth. 3Now, if this process happens each time we eat sugar, we can see that eating excessive amounts of sugar causes more and more tooth decay. It is true that some tooth decay can be avoided with immediate brushing after eating, removing all the particles of food trapped in the teeth. 4However, sweets are often eaten as snacks between meals and during the day, times when people generally do not brush after eating. 5Therefore, the dangerous process of tooth decay is allowed to continue. (Smalley, R. L. and Hank, M.R., REFINING COMPOSITION SKILLS. 1982, Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., p.255.) Mark the option that contains the appropriate pronouns to complete the sentences below. Animals' teeth are changing ...(I)... composition. That animal had ...(II)... teeth in perfect conditions. He brushes ...(III)... teeth whenever he eats something. If the patient dies, we call ...(IV)... relatives. The bacteria found ...(V)... way to the stomach.
  7. 7. PUC-CAMP 1992
    (Adaptada) What is the relation between power and virtue? This is both an ancient and a very modern question. Political philosopher from Plato onwards have debated the issue. In his essay, "Moral Judgment and Political Action", Peter L. Berger, one of America's most important sociologists, exhorts politicians to operate with "the ethic of responsibility" (borrowing a phrase from Max Weber) and consider the moral consequences of their1 actions. He argues that social scientists, trained in the discipline of detached analysis, can help us see these ethical choices more clearly. Sociologists, he says, are skilled in the "art of mistrust", "looking beneath and behind the facades of social life". (Adapted from Dialogue, 2/1989) In the text, the determiner "their" (ref. 1) refers to
  8. 8. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: My computer is quite old. ____ keyboard has a lot of missing keys.
  9. 9. MACKENZIE 1997
    NEW YORK, NEW YORK How our hometown has changed, and why it's a great place to watch the world go by. by Michael Elliott 1    Welcome to the new New York. In a fascinating report issued by the city's department of planning last week, the full scale of the transformation of the city is laid bare. In 1970, 18 percent of New York's population was foreign-born. By 1995, the figure had risen to 33 percent, and an additional 20 percent of the population were the U.S.-born offspring of immigrants. So immigrants and their children now form a majority of New York's population. 2    Who are these new New Yorkers? Why do they come here?  Where are they from? (OK, time to drop the "they". I'm one of them.) The last question, at least, is easy to answer: we come from everywhere. In the list of the top 20 source nations of those sending immigrants to New York between 1990 and 1994 are six countries in Asia, five in the Caribbean, four in Latin America, three in Europe, plus Israel and the former Soviet Union. "New York is the Mecca of the world", says Van Panourgias, who owns the MoonRock diner (great pancakes) and who arrived here from Greece in 1963. I knew that there was literally nowhere that didn't send people to New York a year or so ago. And when we immigrants get here, we roll up our sleeves. "If you're not ready to work when you get to New York", says Panourgias, "you better hit the road." 3    Rudolph Giuliani, the mayor of New York, knows our value. "Immigration", he said last week, "continues to shape the unique character and drive the economic engine of New York City. ... Immigration is crucial to maintaining New York City's position as the capital of the world and is essential to its continued success." 4    In the quarter century since 1970, the United States admitted about 15 million legal immigrants, and has absorbed them into ___(I)___ social structures with an ease beyond the contemplation of any other nation on the planet. That, in my view, is the single most impressive feat of the American character in modern times. And since these immigrants are overwhelmingly aspirational and entrepreneurial, ___(II)___ absorption is a guarantee that America will continue to renew ___(III)___ in the next century. (Adapted from Newsweek - January 20, 1997) As lacunas I, II e III do texto devem ser preenchidas, respectivamente, por:
  10. 10. Stoodi
    Complete a lacuna: Jack has already eaten his sandwich, but I’m going to eat ____ only when I’m hungry.
  11. 11. Stoodi
    Complete as lacunas: Our houses are quite different. ____ has four bedrooms, whereas ____ has only one.
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