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ITA 2002

American News

(...) Less than a month after being thrust into the role of Senate Majority Leader, Daschle has brushed past the objections of President Bush...


Democrats hope to capitalize on public disenchantment with the Bush energy plan by introducing one with greater emphasis on conservation, energy efficiency, and tax credits to promote green technology.

Senate Dems will try to force Bush to accept a broader, more expensive package of prescription benefits for seniors. Showdown issue: who shall run the program - the Medicare system or states and private insures?

Daschle and Bush are both free-traders, however, a fast-track bill without provisions to protect the environment or international labor standards - like one backed by House Republicans - will face trouble.

The Bushies and Senate Democrats have reached an uneasy truce in the war over federal judgeships. But expect a fight if Daschle concludes that the White House is trying to pack the judiciary with conservative activists.

Business Week (adapted) July 16, 2001.

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