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Buffalo Springfield, Pearl Jam Rock Bridge School Benefit

The annual Bridge School Benefit has featured special acoustic sets by everybody from David Bowie and Paul McCartney to Metallica and Phish. But for the 24th edition, on October 23rd and 24th, organizer Neil Young unveiled a stunning finale: the first set since 1968 by his old band Buffalo Springfield. “From my perspective, we just picked up where we left off many, many years ago,” says singer Richie Furay. “It was almost like going back in time.”


At the end of their set, which included “Black” and “Better Man”, Young joined them on his new tune “Walk With Me.” “We played it for him backstage, and he said, ‘That’s basically it, but let me show you what you aren’t playing,’ ”says Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard. “We _ _ _ _ _( I )_ _ _ _ _ an interaction with him that _ _( II )_ _ a lesson in the sheer, raw love of rock.” Rolling Stone


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