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Smartphone applications are transforming the tourism experience. The latest development is called Streetmuseum, or “the museum in your pocket.” It can be downloaded __( I )__any Iphone or Android tablet and it enables you to explore the streets of London, both past and present.
Streetmuseum unites 200 images __( II )__the Museum of London collection with actual locations __( III )__the capital. It uses the smartphone’s geo-tagging facility: as you walk the streets of London, satellite technology will give the phone’s “geoposition.” The phone will produce an image of that place in the past and you can compare this with what you see there today. So far the app has been downloaded by __( IV )__150,000 people around the world.


The collection shows how much the London skyline has changed __(V)__recent decades. Until 1962 St Paul’s Cathedral (which was completed in 1710 and is 110 metres high) was London’s tallest building. Today that honour goes to “One Canada Square,” the Canary Wharf Tower in the Docklands. It is 230 metres high, but it will soon be overtaken __( VI )__the 87-storey tower “Shard London Bridge,” which will be 310 metres high. Designed by architect Renzo Piano, it should be completed in May.

The prepositions that properly fill in blanks I, II, III, IV, Vand VI, in the text,

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