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The Rebel Years


In March 1957, Elvis purchased the Graceland estate in Memphis. The address today is: 3764 Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee 38116.


The Colonial house is located _( I )_ a hill surrounded _( II ) _ fourteen acres _( III )_ land with a stand _( IV )_ mature trees, a barn and a tennis court. The estate is enclosed _( V )_ an eight-foot-high brick wall. The main entrance is a large iron gate _( VI )_ musical insignia. The house was built _( VII )_ tan Tennessee limestone and contained twenty-three rooms including five bedrooms. _( VIII )_ a spacious entry hall, the front part of the luxuriously appointed house comprises the living, dining and music rooms. Along the walls are large, white sofas. The focus of attention is the gilded concert grand piano. The curtains are white interlaced with gold thread. The shag rug is so thick that your shoes nearly disappear. At the back of the house are the recreation rooms, covering nearly the entire length of the house and about half of its breadth. The billiard room is dominated by a large pool table. The trophy room contains Elvis’s gold and platinum records. Upstairs is the bedroom suite and the guest rooms. The bedroom: navy-blue shag run, oversized white bed with built-in telephone, intercom, TV controls. After the bedroom come the study and the mirror-lined bath. Sixteen televisions are found throughout the house.


Since June 7, 1982, Graceland has been open to the public for an admission fee ($16.00: April 1993). An average of 2,500 visit the house every day.

Adapted from The Rebel Years by Lester Bangs


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