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Female Prisoners Post Sexy Pictures of Themselves on Social Network







At least two detainees have taken pictures and published them on social networking sites from inside Guarapuava Public Jail, in the state of Paraná.


The pictures, taken on a phone, were found by prison guards and posted online last April.


The 30 year-old detainees are in jail after being accused of drug trafficking. Both are serving provisional sentences, and are yet to be convicted.


One has been in jail since April, and the other for a year.


Detainees are not granted possession of cell phones, and, due to this breach, they were awarded a disciplinary sanction and have since been prevented from receiving visits or food sent by family members for 30 days.


Additionally, this occurrence may prevent them from shortening their sentences if they are eventually convicted.


They appear posing in underwear on concrete beds in the female dormitory, which is decorated with animal print.


After the prison guards discovered the images, they inspected the room the two women shared and found the cell phone used to take the pictures.


“This unfortunately happens. Detainees can hide things very well”, the prison chief, Altemir Nascimento, said.


According to Nascimento, 40 cell phones have been seized so far this year in the prison (which also houses men).




he location of the prison in downtown Guarapuava makes matters worse. According to the prison chief, during sunbathing, pedestrians toss cell phones over the wall.


“Cell phones and drugs are thrown over the wall. This happens regularly.


On every sunny day two or three items are thrown”, Nascimento said.


At the beginning of the year, in order to bring the “deliveries” to a halt, the prison chief decided to install a protective net over the patio. Since then 77 cell phones have been caught on the net.




According to the text,

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