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PUC-PR 2016

India Cheating Scandal: 600 Students Expelled at Bihar Schools

More than 600 students have been expelled from school in India amid widespread cheating — with some having friends scale the walls of exam centers to pass notes through windows, officials said Friday. The students were among more than 1.4 million high school students taking their 10th grade school finals in the eastern state of Bihar. Many of those caught cheating had smuggled textbooks or scraps of paper to be used for cheating, police and education officials said. Friends, parents and other relatives of the teenagers were seen climbing the sides of some exam centers on Wednesday and Thursday as they tried to reach the windows of the classrooms where the students were taking their exams. They appeared to be trying to pass on cheat sheets with answers written on them. Bihar's education minister, P K Shahi, said the scale of the cheating made it impossible for officials alone to contain and that families should help.

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According to the text, choose the alternative which shows the CORRECT sequence of T (true) or F (false).  

I. 600 students quit school.

II. Families tried to help the students to cheat.

III. In the education minister’s perspective, it turned out to be ok the families’ help.

IV. At least 1.4 million students were taking the test.

V. They took this test because they did not have good grades during the semester.

Escolha uma das alternativas.