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PUC-PR 2016

Life stress may lead to cognitive developmental delays in children  

According to a new study, children living in harsh or unstable environments are more likely to experience learning and cognitive delays by age 4.

Researchers examined the cortisol levels and cognitive delays of 201 children from low-income families in the northeastern United States. It was found that those kids with higher levels of cortisol experienced harsh or insensitive caregiving.  

"We discovered that exposure to specific forms of family adversity when children were 2 years old predicted their cortisol profile, which in turn was linked with notable differences in children´s cognitive functioning at age 4," the researchers say.

Disponível em:.  Acesso em: 16/06/15. 

According to the research, we can state that:  

I. Children who are more stressed may have cognitive delay.  

II. Children who are stresser may have developmental delays.

III. Children from more rich families were evaluated in this research.  

IV. Children from richer families were evaluated in this research.

V. Children from poorer families were evaluated in this research. 

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