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PUC-RS 2006

We wanted to feature new work by older as well as younger writers, believing that many authors improve with age and experience. (...) Their work was selected for its energy, insight and skill, and for the excitement it generated in us - in the same way as the work of younger writers excited us. We're happy to have had a broader 1brief: to highlight new 3writing in English by writers of all ages and nationalities.

It was no great surprise to discover, when we arrived at the final selection, that half the best pieces were written by women. 6Since gender 2in no way influenced selection, it's almost embarrassing to mention this. But in a literary world where shortlists for literary prizes regularly feature twice as many men as women, and where poetry anthologies 4including half a dozen women out of fifty contributors aren't yet a distant memory, this selection is 5glowing evidence of the equal talents of today's female and male writers.

Source: ADEBAYO, D., MORRISON, B.; ROGERS, J. (2003) New Writing


The terms "writing" (ref. 3), "including" (ref. 4) and "glowing" (ref. 5) are used, respectively, as a/an 

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