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Kellogg's survey warns of rise in hungry pupils denied breakfast 'brain fuel'

Food firm behind breakfast clubs claims 26% of teachers see primary school pupils fall asleep in class from lack of food 

More than a quarter of state school teachers in England and Wales have seen an increase in the last 12 months of children turning up in class hungry having had no breakfast, a survey reveals.

The study, entitled Lost Education, attempts to evaluate the damage to learning and concludes that in the worse cases pupils could be missing out on eight weeks of their primary school life due to regular hunger.

The report was commissioned by the food company Kellogg's, which also sets up breakfast clubs. It claims that 2.4 pupils in each class turn up for school at least once a week without having had breakfast, so are unable to concentrate. This puts increased demand on teachers' time. [...]

Disponível em: http://www.theguardian.com. Acesso em: 4 fev. 2013.

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