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‘Chelsea bosses expect to be first sacked, Lampard’s no different’ – Blues icon out of ‘wiggle room’, says Cascarino

Chelsea bosses expect to be “the first manager who is going to get sacked” and Frank Lampard will be no different now that he is out of “wiggle room”, says Tony Cascarino. A club legend from his playing days at Stamford Bridge is approaching the start of his second season as head coach in west London.
His debut campaign delivered a top-four finish, FA Cup final appearance and plenty of promise from an exciting young squad.
Roman Abramovich has, however, bankrolled another elaborate spending spree in the current transfer window and expectations are rising as a result.
Many of Lampard’s predecessors paid the price for failing to deliver on ultimate targets – with plenty landing major silverware along the way – and the pressure is on for a man filling the warmest of hot seats. “Frank will be totally aware of the pressure, but that comes with every Chelsea manager,” former Blues striker Cascarino told talkSPORT. “If you become Chelsea manager you know you’re probably the first manager who is going to get sacked.
“Watford fans might tell you different, but generally, Chelsea sack managers that have done far more in terms of winning than Frank. OK, not under the same circumstances as Lampard, but he will be totally aware of it.
Cascarino has taken to sounding warning shots in Lampard’s direction on a regular basis of late, with the former frontman having already stated that a change in the dugout will be made if Chelsea suffer a repeat of their inconsistency from 2019-20. He said: “Frank will be fully aware that him getting that investment means there’s a different challenge now.


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