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Coronavirus: 'Mums do most childcare and chores in lockdown'

Mums appear to be doing most of the housework and childcare during lockdown, according to a new study. Research suggest that in homes where there is a working mother and father, women are doing more chores and spending more time with children.
The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and University College London (UCL) interviewed 3,500 families. They found that mums were only able to do one hour of uninterrupted work, for every three hours done by dads. She said the finding applied to families where a mother and father were both working, as well as to families where both parents were furloughed or out of work.
Paula Sheridan, a coach whose firm Unwrapping Potential works with professional women, says her clients "almost universally" report that they are the ones planning meals, creating timetables and downloading learning resources for children - along with dozens of other tasks.
Ms Sheridan believes the different approach to household tasks and childcare responsibilities begins during maternity leave. Only 2% of new mums and dads split their entitlement to parental leave. This generally leaves woman in charge of establishing a routine and learning how to be a parent - usually by trial and error, she says.

fonte: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52808930_adaptado

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