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Stoodi 2020

Marcus Rashford would have ‘failed himself’ if he hadn’t challenged government on free school meals


Marcus Rashford says he would have failed his 10-year-old self if he hadn’t twisted the government’s arm to deliver free school meals to children over the summer. The 22-year-old Manchester United star won plaudits from all corners with his anti-poverty drive as schools were closed during the pandemic and says you don’t need to be in politics to make a change. ‘I’m by no means a politician but I had a voice and a platform that could be used to at least ask the questions,’ said Rashford, who teamed up with food waste charity FareShare to make the change.  ‘If I didn’t put myself out there and say, “This is not OK and it needs to change,” I would have failed my 10-year-old self.’





Em  “If I didn’t put myself out there [...] I would have failed my 10-year-old self.”, Marcus Rashford usa uma conditional. Qual conditional é utilizada?

Escolha uma das alternativas.