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UDESC 2013

English as an international language

About one hundred years ago many educated people 4learned and spoke French when they 5met people from other countries. Today most people speak English when they meet foreigners. It has become the new international language. There are more people who speak English as a second language than people who speak English as a first language. Why is this?

There are many reasons why English has become so popular. One of them is that English has become the language of business. Another important reason is that popular American culture (like movies, music, and McDonald's) has quickly spread throughout the world. It has 6brought its language with it.

Is it good that English has spread to all parts of the world so quickly? I don't know. It's important to have a language that the people of the earth have in common. Our world has become very global and we need to communicate with one another. 2On the other hand, English is a fairly complicated language to learn and it brings 3its culture with it. Do we really need that?

Scientists have already 7tried to create an artificial language that isn't too difficult and doesn't include any one group's culture. It is called Esperanto. But it hasn't become popular. But maybe the popularity of English won't last that long either. Who knows? There are more people in the world 1who speak Chinese than any other language. Maybe someday Chinese will be the new international language.

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The infinitive of the verbs: “learned” (ref. 4), “met” (ref. 5), “brought” (ref. 6), “tried” (ref. 7), is consecutively:

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