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UEAP 2009

Earth on its way to the ICU

There’s no way to deny it anymore. It has been proven through a report from the UN (United Nations) that, yes, it was man who made the Earth sick. And even if now the world, diagnosed, decides to reduce the damage that our presence here causes (which is not very likely) and decides to promote an extreme change in the economical structures, the Earth, still at that, will have its fever raised in 1.1°C this century. Is that bad? But it is still bearable. Now if nothing is done, the world must prepare for a new class of refugees: the climatic. A heating of up to 6°C would be forecasted. To have an idea, the Earth was only 5°C colder in the Ice Age, which put an end to the Dinosaur Age. If the “dinos” couldn’t handle the shock, who’d think the humans would. Humans?

It is most probable, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes, that the Earth will be warmed 3°C, which will cause phenomena such as thawing, hurricanes, droughts and tempests. The sea level, according to the report, may rise between 18 and 59 centimeters, making cities below sea level disappear.

In Brazil, the greatest impact would be on the Northeast, which could become a semi-desert. The Amazon would suffer due to lack of rain, affecting the entire rainforest, losing biodiversity. On the other hand, the intensity of the rain would impact the South-east. To the UN, The world must do the impossible to stagnate the intensity of the fever, so that the temperature increase does not exceed 2°C. The warning has been given.

Autora: Sonia Racy

Artigo extraído da Revista, TAM magazine, Ano 4, Número 37, Março 2007.


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