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UEG 2004


thousand tons of peanuts eaten annually in Britain. They’re not usually part of a good health regime. Most get nibbled with pints in pubs



reduction in cholesterol levels achieved by researchers prescribing a special fiberrich vegetarian diet that included soy protein and almonds



decrease in the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease if you eat a diet high in vitamin E, according to a preliminary



kilos of pulses eaten every year by the average Greek. Europe’s champion bean and legume consumers turn them into a great variety of delicious dishes



thousand species in the legume family, which includes chickpeas and lentils. They have been cultivated for 9,000 years



average liters of olive oil consumed per capita annually in Greece. The rest of Europe has caught on to the health benefits



reduction in the risk of heart disease of men and women who ate legumes at least four times a week, according to a 19-year study that tracked them

GORMAN, CHRISTINE. How to Eat Smarter. Time Magazine, Dec. 8, 2003. P. 66-67 [Adapted].


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