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UEG 2005

Texto 5

A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.
Mary Miché


Martin Luther King, you make my spirit sing.
You mean so much to me, 'cause you taught us how to be free.

You loved everybody black or white,
And you taught us it's no good to fight,
But just to stand up for what's right,
And let your love shine like a light.

You bravely walked the streets of this land.
You marched with others, hand in hand.
You taught us that we all should stand,
Together, for equality in this land.

You spoke of justice loud and long,
With patience and love you fought against wrong,
As brothers and sisters we'll be strong,
And so to you we give this song.
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De acordo com o texto 5, é CORRETO afirmar que Martin Luther King Jr.

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