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UEL 2006

Win a Canon camera and see the world!

For April, May and June 2005, the theme is Glamour.

At the end of each quarter three Canon cameras will be awarded to the best photographs in the relevant thematic category.
Entries for the Canon Glamour prize must be received by July 8, 2005. Winners will be selected by a panel of expert judges. Black-and-white, colour prints and transparencies should be mailed to: Media Partners Fulfilment Department, PO Box 2215, 1180 EE Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Digital images in JPG format (1200 × 1800 pixels, max. 300 dpi) should be e-mailed to: hollandherald&mediapartners.nl. Please enclose full name, address, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail address as well as a brief description of the locale and circumstance in which your photograph was taken. Submit details of the flight (date, flight number) during which you read about the competition. Only one photograph (max 10 × 15 cm) or one JPG digital image per category can be accepted.
For the latest competition results and prizewinners, visit the KLM website www.klm.com and click on "Specials and Offers".

(Fonte: Holland Herald, p. 44, april 2005.)

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