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UEL 2015



Alanis Morissete


You and I are in the same room

We both think we’re fair

We both live for truths

But then how

Are we to define

Something so subjective

Living under the same roof

So here these battles of wills

They beg for some proof

Of right versus wrong

Your approach seems better than mine

Though it’s working for you

All I feel is disconnection




So now it’s your, your religion

Against my, my religion

My humble opinion against yours

This does not feel like love

It’s your, your conviction

Against my, my conviction

And I’d like to know what we’ve seen

Through the lens of love


And so now your grand assessment

Is that I’m not in your group

That I’m not your kind

And so we’re locked in a stalemate

With you in your corner and me

dismayed in mine

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