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UEMG 2015

Read the text below and answer the question that follow.



The American tourist had little money on him (just a few dollars) as he knew that there were a lot of thieves in that area. He walked for some minutes and then entered a little restaurant near his hotel. There were a lot of people in the restaurant, and there weren’t many tables, but he finally found a free table near the kitchen.


He looked at the menu. There were a lot of dishes with complicated names, but the tourist had a little trouble in finding the name of that famous Brazilian dish: “feijoada”. He didn’t eat much (there was too much salt in the beans) and after finishing dinner he decided to “practice” his Portuguese. He took a small dictionary out of his pocket and looked up the word “how”. Naturally he found “como”. Next, he looked up “much”, and found “muito”.


“I can’t understand why so many Americans find Portuguese difficult”, he thought to himself. The waiter was near him, so the tourist touched him in the arm and asked with a smile: “Como muito?”

Adapted from English 1, Amadeu Marques, Ed Ática, 1990



Which nouns below can be used with the adverbs LITTLE and MUCH?

Escolha uma das alternativas.