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UEPA 2012

Dear Readers,

Were you bullied at school today? Did you see someone else being bullied? According to a 2005 study by researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles, nearly one half of middle-school students reported being bullied at least once during five school days. Even more kids had seen others being bullied. Bullying is harmful not only to the kids that are bullied, but to every kid in school. Hitting, teasing, name-calling and other forms of bullying create an atmosphere of fear and dread. Every kid wonders, Will I be bullied next?

At TIME For Kids, we want every kid to feel comfortable, safe and confident at school, so everyone can focus on learning and growing. That’s why we are so proud that the Department of Health and Human Services has sponsored this supplement “Stop Bullying Now!” This is the first of three issues you will receive this year presenting bullying scenarios and showing you ways to cope withthem. Share this comic book, and the two that follow, with your family and friends.

Bullying behavior has probably been around for as long as human beings have walked the earth. We hope to give kids the tools they need to react appropriately to bullying situations. Bullying should not be rewarded or tolerated.


Sincerely yours,


Martha Pickerill

Managing Editor, TIME For Kids

(Fonte: adaptado de http://www.edpubs.gov/document/ed005149p.pdf?ck=308; acesso em 06.09.2011)


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