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UERJ 2010

Spider-Man 4 (2011) - Preview


If you’re a serious Spider-Man fan, you’ve probably been wondering when the producers are finally going to let Dylan Baker become the super-villain we’ve all been waiting for. Yes, the one-armed college professor who appears in all three Spider-Man films (for about 90 seconds at a time) is the guy who eventually gets turned into man-sized Lizard with a true hatred for Spider-Man.


According to one source, not only will Baker finally become The Lizard in Spider-Man 4, but we’ll also have to contend with a certain villain known as Carnage. Director Sam Raimi who directed all the previous movies in the franchise will be back in the director’s chair.


There has been much speculation about who the next villains might be. In previous interviews, director Raimi was secretive about the actors who would play the role of The Sinister Six and Electro. Expect this to be a closely guarded secret for a while to come.


Apparently there’s also talk of getting Black Cat into the Spider-Man 4 mix because, if a recordbreaking opening weekend tells you one thing, it’s that you can never have too many villains in your Spidey sequels. Venom will probably not be returning. Word has it that this character will have its own live-action movie title – screenwriters are already at work on this.


Spider-Man 4 would have to go a little bit “darker” than its predecessors to accurately capture the Carnage story, which focuses on a serial killer called Cletus Kasady. Despite rumors about the next movie, it seems that both Maguire and Kirstin Dunst, as his girlfriend Mary Jane, will return. 
Spider-Man 4 Director: Sam Raimi U.S. Opening Date: May 2011


The text is a preview, that is, an anticipated review of an upcoming movie.


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