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UERJ 2011

Audio books: all pros, no cons


What is an audio book? An audio book is a recording of the contents of a book read aloud, created and distributed on CDs, cassette tapes or other digital formats. They have become quite popular since first being introduced – roughly 20 years ago – with the CD format in the lead for sales.


One of the pros for audio books is the fact that they support multi-tasking, and can also be stored into small devices for easy listening, like an iPod or MP3 Player. For example, you may listen to one and retrieve the information you would from a regular book while exercising, cleaning around the house,
or just while in the car driving. You would not be able to do any of those activities while reading a regular book. But while listening to an audio book this becomes possible.


Another pro supporting audio books is the effect it has on children’s motivation and learning. Teaching them to read has never been any easier or enjoyable in their favor. By using different types of toys from favorite cartoon characters to interact with audio books, children are able to learn a usually difficult subject quite easily while also having a good time.


My final pro supporting an audio book is the fact that people who are unable to read regular books, due to certain problems they cannot help such as blindness, are certainly able to listen to audio books to gather the contents they may need from a regular book. This is a major pro that is a big help to a lot of people around the world, with no con to argue against it. So why not go and check out some audio books today and find out for yourself how useful and how fun they are? There are loads of free digital audio books as well. Therefore, you can test the water for free as well.


In the text, the title and subtitle clearly reflect the author’s position regarding audio books.

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