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UFAC 2011



Starting a new job

by Rose Walker


“You just got the phone call and the position is yours. It’s been a long time since you have started a new job and you need to prepare yourself for it. Will you really like your new position? How will the people treat you and can you get along with them? These are some of the questions that might run through your mind when you start a new job.


Before you start your new position you need to get in the right frame of mind, so you can do the best job you can do.


The first step in preparation for this new journey is to let all your fears go. Don’t walk into a new job with fear. This will keep you from being productive. Having negative thoughts about your new job will become a reality and this will cause problems right there. Stay in the same frame of mind you had when you applied for the position. This was something that you obviously wanted to do and was excited about doing. Keep those same thoughts and attitude when you actually start working your new job. By keeping that attitude you will eliminate a lot of your problems in the beginning with this new position. Your way of thinking will become your way of acting. Do a thorough research on your new company so you can understand what they do and how you will play a part in it.


Have a good understanding about the company in full detail so it will give you that ease you need to have for you to succeed. This will allow you to have the confidence you will need to start this new job and you won’t feel so lost when you start interacting with your co-workers. Having the right attitude will allow you to get along with your co-workers even better. Everyone when they start a new job is considered the new kid on the block. This can make you feel left out right there, since everyone usually know everyone else and already have a comfort zone with each other. You have to let them know by being in the right frame of mind when you start that you can work with each and every one of them. If you come in with that fear, it’s going to seem like you are a unfriendly person and automatically no one will want to have anything to do with you. This will be a bad way to start off on your new job. You plan to be there for awhile and communicating with your co-workers on a daily base.


Your attitude and the way you present yourself in the beginning is very important. It will determine how your relationship will be throughout the job. Getting along with your boss and coworkers is important, it can help you to succeed or be one of the causes to make you want to leave.


Starting a new job can be a wonderful experience. Sure all of us are nervous about stepping into a new environment and meeting and dealing with new people. That’s what’s so exciting about it, everything is new. You have to look at it as a new journey in your life and not a dreaded trip that you have to make. Erase all those negative thoughts and fears you have so you can go in with a positive attitude that will let you be a positive person. Let this be a new spectacular and fantastic time in your life. When you stop and prepare yourself mentally for your new job, you will be a success at it.”



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