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Brazil is a nation of immigrants, an ethnically diverse land that has a heritage founded on Asian, African, European, Middle Eastern, and North American descent.


Years of working toward the common goal of colonization and centuries of intermarriage have blurred ethnic lines and resulted in a unique culture that truly defines Brazil.


This country has found a way to create unity from diversity and to use a variety of cultural influences to build a nation that represents the qualities and characteristics of its people.


The culture of Brazil differs vastly from the westernized world, and this is very evident in the nature and personality of the Brazilian people.


One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Brazilian people is their generosity, which they show liberally, even to strangers. Regardless of the situation, they are always willing to do what they can to help others, even when they don't have much to give.


Despite poverty and difficult circumstances, the Brazilian people are undeterrably optimistic. The people of Brazil are comfortable with spirituality and talk openly about spiritual things, unlike many other cultures that feel one's religious allegiances should be private and personal, not discussed publicly. 


Relationships are more important than money or possessions. People take precedence and family is the very center of their culture. Large families are common and most social activities focus on these relationships. 


The Brazilian people adhere to a much slower pace of life than what those from western nations may be accustomed to, although there is some exception to this in the more westernized cities such as Sao Paulo. 


Brazilians are physically expressive and will often touch your arm, shoulder, or hand when speaking with you. Handshakes, hugs, kisses, or entering your personal space when talking are common place. This is the Brazilian way.


The Brazilian people are very friendly and social. They will engage you in animated conversations and especially enjoy talking about soccer, family, and children. They prefer face-to-face contact and do not like to do business over the phone or through email.


Brazilians have a great appreciation for the arts including dance, theater, music, literature, and poetry, and use these as a way of documenting and celebrating their unique culture. 

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