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UFRGS 2001

When you check into a Hershey Resort, you and your people get something no other convention center gives.
The assurance of Hershey quality. The same fine quality that you've come to expect from Hershey Foods Corp. over the last 67 years.  The very same quality that makes our other Hershey Resorts outstanding convention centers.
With 1thoroughly professional staffs. The best and the newest facilities. Country locations easy to reach by highways, interstates and airports. (Dozens of flights daily and free limousine services.)
Pick the Hershey that's best for you. You'll get 2unbeatable facilities for work and play. But above all, you'll find all those things you can still trust, alive and well and living in Hershey Resorts.

Fonte:Meetings and Conventions, April 1980

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