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UFRGS 2007

Most tourists in Rio spend most of their time downtown or in the city's "Zona Sul", or southern zone, where the "Rua dos Oitis" is located. But in the 50 weeks of the year not devoted to "Carnaval" or New Year's Eve, it can be easy to 1miss the party. It takes some guidance to develop the sense of where the "Cariocas" will be exercising their native "joie de vivre".

A working knowledge of Portuguese is an easy in, but even lacking that, with a little advance work and a few English-speaking Brazilian contacts you can get involved .......... the action and have an idea of the real scene.

I received my initial orientation at home in New York, from acquaintances and friends of friends. Many Brazilians, gregarious by nature, are happy enough to help steer a traveler, especially if they think they may be coming north sometime to collect .......... a return of the favor. 3Local advice is also comforting, of course, given Rio's reputation for crime. 4While the danger does not seem to 2dampen 5anyone's partying spirit, violence is much feared and the threat is much discussed .......... the locals.

Frequent travelers to Rio may share 6tips too. Before and after its peak travel season, the city attracts a number of regular visitors seduced by the charm of the Brazilians and the culture of their proudest city. These repeaters readily brave long flights, like the 12-hour trip from New York with not a single nonstop to be found.

(Adapted from: KUGEL, Seth. The New York Times, 20 Feb. 2005.)


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