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UFRGS 2007

Mr. Eugene Foster lives with his wife in a large house in New York City, and they have four servants. On this particular morning, it’s very busy. One maid is distributing dust sheets to every room, while another is decorating them over the furniture. The butler is bringing down suitcases, and Mrs. Foster herself is going from room to room and pretending to supervise these operations. Actually, she is thinking of nothing at all except that she is going to miss her plane if her husband doesn't come out of his office soon and get ready.

Mr. Foster perhaps has a right to be irritated with his wife, but he can have no excuse for increasing her misery by______ her waiting unnecessarily. This is what he does, whenever they go somewhere, his timing is so accurate that it is hard to believe he isn't purposely causing torture of his unhappy lady. And one thing he must know - that she would never dare to call out and tell him ______up. He disciplined her too well for that. He must also know that if he is prepared to wait even beyond the last moment of safety, he can drive her nearly into panic. It seems almost as though he 'wanted' to miss the plane simply to intensify the poor woman's suffering.

(Adapted from: DAHL, Roald. The way up to heaven. In: Tales of the unexpected. London: Penguin Book, 1979. p. 179-180.)


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