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UFRGS 2008

            As the 2007 Pan-American Games set for Rio de Janeiro approached, it seemed that everything was 4going the wrong way. Most Rio 2dwellers and Brazilians in general didn't think the city would be able to host this major 3sporting event.

            In 2007, besides a rise in crime, air traffic problems escalated almost to a chaotic state, and the structural works for the games fell alarmingly behind schedule. 1__________, in a 5surprising manner, at the opening ceremony at Maracana Stadium, 8it seemed like all the problems had magically vanished.

            The late structural works were suddenly solved at the last minute, in the best Brazilian tradition, and the overwhelming majority of events took place peacefully, except for 9a persistent and impolite booing from the spectators towards Americans, Argentineans and anyone playing against a Brazilian competitor.

            Rio de Janeiro bade farewell to the 6participating delegations with a taste for 7hosting big events, and an eye at the Olympic Games of 2016. All things considered, the city's homework was definitely 10well done.

Adapted from: MOTA, Alan. 2007 Ohmy News International Sports. 30 jul. 2007. Acesso em: 05 set. 2007


Which of the phrases below present the same structure as "sporting event" (ref. 3)?


1 - "going the wrong way" (ref. 4)

2 - "surprising manner" (ref. 5)

3 - "participating delegations" (ref. 6)

4 - "hosting big events" (ref. 7)

Escolha uma das alternativas.