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UFRGS 2012

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with 800 million users worldwide as of September 2011.

More than any other company, it has defined what 1…….. see as the “social” era of the Internet, in which connections made among 9people 4replace 7algorithm-driven searches. And 8its 5policies, more than any others, seem to be driving the definition of 14privacy in this new age.

Every day, Facebook users comment or press the “like” button more than 2 billion times and upload more than 250 million photos. The McKinsey Global Institute has estimated that the network’s users post 30 billion pieces of content 2…….. month.

The company, founded in 2004 by a Harvard 15sophomore, Mark Zuckerberg, began life 16catering first to Harvard students and then to all high school and college students. It has since evolved into a broadly popular online destination used by teenagers and adults of all ages. 19In country after country, Facebook has cemented itself as the leader, often displacing other social networks.

It is 3…….. surprise that 11Facebook has become one of the titans of the Internet, challenging even Google with 10its vision of a Web tied together by personal relationships and recommendations, rather than by search algorithms. In a major expansion, Facebook has spread itself across other Web sites by offering members the chance to “Like” something - share it with their network – without leaving the Web page they are on.

At the Facebook 20developer 6conference in September, 21the company announced the release of a 13product called Timeline, 12which offers a 22highly visual view of a user’s Facebook profile and organizes content into photos, events and apps, all based on a 17timeline view that stretches back to the beginning of a user’s time on Facebook. Timeline is designed to work on 18mobile devices, too.

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The passive version of the sentence [...] the company announced the release of product called Timeline(ref. 21) is the sentence [...] the release of a product called Timeline …….. by the company.

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