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UFRR 2016

Mount Roraima is a fascinating lost world


It's a real lost world. On this flat-topped mountain in Venezuela, cut off from civilisation, prehistoric castaways have evolved into unique species found nowhere else on the planet.


Welcome to the Mount Roraima, a spectacular sight which Lonely Planet has explored for the new book The World's Great Wonders.


Waterfalls spilling down sheer cliff faces into clouds. Labyrinths of stone pinnacles. Valleys carpeted with crystals. Carnivorous pitcher plants. Exquisite rare orchids.


When you gazed up at the fortress of stone from the base of the mountain, you didn't know what to expect from this plateau floating high above the Amazon jungle. Now that you're on the summit, it feels as if you've stepped into some archaic land. A world untouched by humankind. A forgotten world.


Pitching your tent for the night inside the caves, you hunker down, your dreams filled with images of gushing waterfalls, strange shifting landscapes and prehistoric creatures.

http://www.news.com.au/travel/world-travel/mount-roraima-is-a-fascinating-lostworld/story-e6frfqcr-1226928325804 Acesso em 01/09/2015. 



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