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Exercícios de Inglês

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UFSM 2005

The 8world of language teaching is constantly changing. Here are some 7recent examples of the new approaches being developed.
The current development of Information a Communication Technologies (ICT) provides a 12wider variety of ways of learning languages. 2Computer assisted learning materials that include the authentic 9voice of a native 13speaker, the text and even moving images can enhance your progress in language learning. Applying the internet and CD-ROMs in learning can be very beneficial. 18Nowadays Web-based learning environments and "chat groups" link language 16learners from different countries to learn and exchange ideas 17together. Good communication between people is the gratest 10benefit of learning languages! Multilingual information society, text translators, dictionaries, ...

It is usually much 14easier to learn to understand a foreign language than to speak it fluently. This is especially 3the case where languages are for historical reasons closely related, 4for example Dutch and German or Italian and Spanish. European and international communication can be 15greatly enhanced if more people can learn to understand each other's languages, 5so that participants in multilingual conversations or correspondence can speak or write their own language. 1Fluent 11understanding also tends to be a step 6on the way towards fluent speech.

A palavra wider (ref. 12) apresenta uma marca de comparação. A mesma marca de comparação é apresentada na palavra

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