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UNB 2012

Our daily lives require interaction with others; there’s no way to avoid people entirely. We categorize relationships with names: some people are friends, others family, co-workers, enemies, heroes, celebrities, in-laws. But one of the most powerful relationships that can exist between people is fraternity. It straddles* the defined boundaries between friendship and family, affection and obligation, desire and necessity. It enables discussion, understanding, unity, and respect, though differences may exist amongst those who preserve it. Fewhave tried to define fraternity, and even fewer have succeeded in any memorable way, but nevertheless we recognize it in its many manifestations when and where it exists.


*straddle — to include different things; something that straddles a line, such as a border or river, exists on each side of it or goes across it.



Based on the text, judge the items below.

(  ) The word “Few” refers to people.
(  ) Nothing in humans is as immensely powerful as fraternity.
(  ) Whenever and wherever fraternity prevails, personal differences disappear.
(  ) None but less than a few have succeeded in setting up a noteworthy definition for fraternity.
(  ) Fraternity deserves universal acknowledgement regardless of human personal relations.


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