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UNB 2012

World Press Freedom Day Free media transform societies by enlightening the decision making process with information, and thus empowering individuals to take control of their destinies. In this context, media freedom plays a crucial role in the transformation of society by reshaping its political, economic and social aspects.


From developed countries that have become involved in serious economic troubles to developing countries aching for change, people in general but especially young people found a voice where there was none before. Where their voices had been muffled and ignored, new voices — stronger, more powerful and using communication tools — have emerged. Media freedom has amplified and multiplied each individual voice. As media freedom grows, so does the strength of the new voices, and their calls for social transformation and positive political change become an unstoppable force.



It is correct to conclude from the text that


(  ) media freedom has the power to enable each person to master his/her own destiny.
(  ) media freedom is capable, in its own right, of reshaping society.
(  ) never have young people’s voices, in particular, been echoed.
(  ) the more media freedom grows, the stronger new voices grow.


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