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Prince Charles Visits Brazil


The Prince of Wales and his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall are visiting Brazil as part of their Latin American tour to promote energy efficiency and measures to combat climate change.


In a speech delivered on Thursday, Prince Charles said the world needs to overcompensate for the damage humans have caused to the environment. Otherwise, climate change could provoke an economic meltdown and a flood of refugees.


[Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales]: “Why can't we take the wisest course and adopt a precautionary approach so, on top of the resource demands we're making on the world, we also have to reduce our global CO2 emissions.”


But the heir to the British throne also gave praise, congratulating his Brazilian hosts for their efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest. Last year the Brazilian government pledged to halve the rate of Amazon deforestation, and is now using satellite surveillance technology to clamp down on illegal logging.


Prince Charles has long advocated urgent measures to reduce carbon emissions and has also proposed issuing long-dated bonds to help fund sustainable development projects in countries where tropical rainforest are being wiped out.
He and his wife already visited Chile, and are due to fly later to Ecuador's Galapagos Islands.


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