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More and more television manufacturers are producing Smart TVs. Although they differ in some ways most of them use the same technology. Smart TVs can be connected to the internet using a setup box, a cable or wireless adapter. As more and more broadcasting companies are showing videos on demand Smart TVs are an investment for the future. Some decades ago watching television was a completely different experience. If you were lucky you had a handful of channels you could watch. Depending on your rooftop antenna and the signal you got, reception was sometimes bad and during storms the signal was lost altogether. In the 1970s cable TV gave viewers a choice of several different programs, not only from the local area. The arrival of video recorders allowed viewers to record their shows during the nighttime or while they were on holidays. Satellite television in the 80s and 90s gave people access to hundreds of TV channels from around the world. In the last decade Internet television has been growing rapidly.
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Com relação às TVs Smart (TVs Inteligentes), o texto informa que:


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