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The first hamburger created by scientists in a lab has been recently presented in London. The burger, which cost over 300,000 dollars to cultivate, originates from stem cells that were taken out of the shoulder of a cow. The result was revealed in front of food and health experts and televised across the Internet. It took food scientists three months to raise 20,000 tiny pieces of meat to create one single hamburger. Stem cells were reproduced and, over a period of time, created their own muscles. Mark Post, scientist at a Dutch University and responsible for the project, has been researching this method for a long time. He says that the job was a tricky one because it is important to keep the cells healthy and not let any pollution get into them. Food experts who tasted the new hamburger said that it felt like meat but it was very lean and without fat which normally changes the taste. Biting into it felt like a real burger, but it wasn’t as tasty because salt and pepper were missing. The experiment showed that creating food in a lab is a possible solution for the world’s food problems. Large quantities of meat could one day be made artificially without raising millions of animals around the world. Those who welcome such a method say that we cannot produce enough meat in the future and such a new method could be an alternative.
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Com base no texto, analise as seguintes assertivas:

I - O hambúrguer foi desenvolvido com células tronco retiradas do ombro de várias vacas.
II - Especialistas disseram que o hambúrguer artificial parece de fato com carne.
III - O hambúrguer produzido, apesar de artificial, era muito saboroso.
IV - O método desenvolvido permitirá que diminua a criação de gado no mundo.
V - De acordo com as previsões de Mark Post, o hambúrguer poderá ser produzido em escala, a partir do ano que vem.

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