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What do spiders and chili peppers have in common?

They both use the same strategy for deterring their enemies, according to scientists from the University of California at San Francisco. They report in last week’s issue of the journal Nature that tarantulas native to the West Indies produce a toxin designed not only to kill but to produce pain and inflammation in their victims – just like the toxin that makes chili peppers hot to eat.
WHAT do spiders and chili peppers have in common? Newsweek, New York, p. 7, Nov. 20, 2006.

“What do spiders and chili peppers have in common?” (title)

Fill in the parentheses with True or False:

Both of them

( ) are small creatures
( ) produce a poisonous substance
( ) may cause some kind of physical damage.
( ) have the same method to deal with their adversaries.


The correct sequence, from top to bottom, is

Escolha uma das alternativas.